DSP Software Library Audio

Classic audio effect algorithms for digital studio and PA. Memory and run-time are optimized in assembly language for the SHARC DSP from Analog Devices.
The algorithms are implemented in the 32-bit floating-point format and therefore possess a high headroom.

  • Echo
  • Delay
  • Bass / Treble Shelving Filter
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Crossover (Linquitz-Riley, Butterworth, Bessel)
  • Dynamic Compressor
  • Dynamic Expander
  • Dynamic Limiter
  • Dynamic Noise Gate

Data Sheet DSP Software Library Audio

Example Dynamic Compressor:
Tone signal original
Tone signal with Compressor on (ratio 5:1, attack time 10msec, release time 1sec, delay time 10msec)

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